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You can upload pictures, change your profile information, even make weekly deals and printable specials as often as you like. Register and begin immediately! One you have your email registered if you forget your password we will email a temporary password to get you going again, you can change your password anytime you are logged in.

Why do I need to pay anything to Register?

There is a small fee to cover the cost of all these services and web hosting and payment processing. We have created this for fellow vendors and are just trying to cover the costs and keep the site as flexible as possible and editable for each vendor. We are working with several developers to improve and enhance the functionality, that costs time and cash but we are committed to making this tool available and useful for our Vendors! The city might spend $10k a year on advertising – but this tool puts your image in your hands and you can update it as often as you wish – even make a new deal for every market midnight the night before a market – even add a deal or change info from your smart phone while you’re at the market! The city website just can’t do that – so we did it for you out of our own empty pockets – just help us pay for it and maintain it, and maintain our joint independence as vendors. This is powerful stuff.

  • The site is secured with an SSL certificate so you’ll use https:/ to ensure your information is encrypted.
  • The site is crawled daily to scan for malware and to keep google up to date
  • No ads No spam – have to pay something for that but it stays clean
  • We have many paid services wrapped into this website and will continue to try to improve vendor accessibility for promotion of their presence at the City Market.
  • Let your customers know and share your profile links on social media – create some deals and draw in customers to check out your profile each week.
  • Link your website to and from this site as well as Facebook and other social media.
  • There is a vendor directory search and a map showing vendor home locations dynamically created as the vendor profiles are created.
  • Never before have market vendors had such web power at their fingertips!
  • In order to edit your profile, create coupons/deals and manage content as a vendor you need to create an account.
  • forget your password? – we’ll send a temporary one to your registered email with a simple click.

What you can do sharing your profile to Facebook

Vendor Profile shared to Facebook
Vendor Profile shared to Facebook

Vendors register here for access to this site – this is not an application to sell at the market – you need to have that approved first by the Market Master at Parks and Recreation of The City of Charlottesville. see To Apply to be a Charlottesville City Market vendor


Not unique to this site just general smart web sense: To keep the site and your devices safe make sure you are using a secure connection and your computer is virus free- we will scan it daily – but for your own peace of mind use a virus blocking program and secure wifi. Avast antivrus FREE works great to trap most viruses or exploits during live transmission while you are editing. You only need the free version and to re-register once a year (nag-ware).

To register for your account to edit your profile complete the following form:

(credit card processing is easy but if its not working  you can mail in payments and get started right away on your profile – we won’t hold you up – get a $10 discount for selecting automatic credit card renewal)

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