Food Safety


Food Safety Requirements

I would like to welcome you all to the 2016 Charlottesville City Market. There will be a lot of adjustment this year with the construction that will be going on for month, possible a few years (3). I am asking that you come to the market with a lot of unstressed related issues to what will be a great finished project for the market.

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There are a few issues that you will need to be prepared for when it comes to serving food or giving out samples at the market. I have spoken with Virginia Department of Agriculture member Allyn Olinger you all know him as  the inspector for the markets. He will be attending the market each month to see that all vendor are up to par with the food safety standards. Each and every vendor that will be serving or giving samples will have to have within their booth a three department wash, rinse & sanitize set up. (Not yes I have one) it will need to be set up for usage. I have enclosed a reminder copy of what you will need. If you do not have these I will have to ask you not to serve customers. There will be a hand washing station set up with in the fence area at the shed location.

Produce vendor your produce will need to be off of the ground for sanitation reasons.

Farmers, or anyone selling eggs, frozen items make sure your produce is controlled by appropriate temperature and contained in appropriate containers. Food is to be labeled properly, full description of ingredients, ounce size etc.

Thank you all for hanging with the market thru all the ups and downs. If you have question feel free to contact me. I will have copies of the food safety with me at the market if you need. Looking forward to being with you all on Saturday April 2nd.


Lucy Lamm

City Market Assistant Manager

City of Charlottesville- Park & Recreation

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Lower Level of Market Street Garage

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Charlottesville, Va. 22902

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